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Odisha Waterfall Tours

DAY 01 : Bada Ghagara

It is 10 kms from Keonjhar on NH-6 towards Sambalpur, it is a small (200 ft. high) but exiting waterfall on the river Ghagara. It is one of the most popular picnic spots of Keonjhar district.

DAY 02 : Duduma Waterfall, Machkund

The majestic waterfall, also known as “Matsya Tirtha” falls from a height of 175 meters. A hydro - electric project with its winch developed amidst deep greenery is a place for pleasure.

DAY 03 : Nrusinghanath

Nurshinghanath is 164kms from Sambalpur. This is situated at the foot of the Gandhamardana Mountain, which in ancient times was called parimalagiri. According to Hiuen-Tsang, the Chinese traveler, this place was a centre of Buddhist scriptural learning.

DAY 04 : Gonasika

It is 33 kms. From Keonjhar out of which service buses are available for 24 kms. For rest 9 kms tourist will have to go by either foot or hired vehicles. For accommodation tourists will have to stay at Keonjhar town.

DAY 05 : Khandadhar

It is 60 kms. From Keonjhar town ( of this about 40 kms fair weather and only jeepable). No accommodation facilities at the spot. Tourist will have to stay at Keonjhar.